OboeCait Reeds was founded in 2018 by Caitlin Smith. The purpose of this business is to provide stable, affordable reeds for players of all abilities. 

I am an oboist based in Long Beach, California and I am currently working towards my Master's Degree in Oboe Performance. During the first few years of learning oboe, I struggled with finding consistent reeds that were in tune and had a decent tone. After making reeds for nearly eight years, it has become my passion to help provide reeds to oboists with an array of abilities. 

Here is my setup right now:

Cane: Pisoni

Staples: MMI Deluxe staples and MMI Student staples

Shape: RDG  -1 

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you any problems with a reed, feel free to send it back within five days of receiving it and I will be happy to send you a reed to your liking or issue a refund. OboeCaitReeds.com is not responsible for any damage in shipping.